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Passion and excellence

Passion and excellence

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) have recently
provided updated information regarding consumer rights and servicing cars
As an independent workshop owner, you may sometimes be asked by a customer or vehicle owner if they’ll be
voiding their new car warranty if you service their car.
The answer depends on whether the warranty is offered by the manufacturer or if it’s an aftermarket extended
warranty plan offered by the dealer. The difference is outlined on the opposite pages.
In the case of a manufacturers warranty (and provided you service the vehicle in accordance with any specified
requirements), you can confiidently assure your customer that;
Their manufacturer’s warranty will remain valid and so will their
protection under the Consumer Guarantees Regime.
under warranty. This information is consistent with previous guidance that the Australian Consumer Laws (ACL)
gives car owners a guaranteed level of protection for vehicles they buy and that this guarantee applies regardless
of any other warranty offered by a vehicle manufacturer.
Furthermore, there is NO REQUIREMENT under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) for a vehicle to be
serviced by an authorised dealer in order for the consumer guarantees to apply.



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Thank you for allowing us to look after your car needs, we really do value you and take pride in giving your car the best professional care possible.

As cars have become more technical our staff continue to strive to keep their knowledge and expertise in the ever-changing automotive industry, current and relevant.

It was Sandy and my decision to align our business with a repeatable brand that would benefit and instill confidence with our customers.  By joining the Repco Authorised Service we provide a full range of expert car servicing and repairs and will look after you and your car.

Repco Authorised Service provides you with a Nationwide Warranty for 12 months/20,000 kms on all our work that we performed.

We can provide new car servicing that will not void your new car warranty and we can provide fleet management solutions.


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